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No more abandonings.

Yesterday I was looking for something in our pile of scrap metal and iron, (yes, we have one),and I found this piece and knew immediately that it had to be a frame.  It was beautiful, it just needed a cowboy (and who hasn’t said that at least twice in their lifetime).  Dominique cleaned it up with vinegar, and I painted a cowboy for this lovely frame.   I want to see things, not for what they are – or were – but for what they could be.  Maybe if we could do that for each other, too…  No more waste.  It is, we are, not disposable.  Let’s find the beauty in everything. No more abandonings.

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Keep the music playing.

Miles from our destination, (possibly my whole childhood), in the car with my mother, the music kept the wheels turning.  Frank Sinatra and Lorrie Morgan asked, “How do you keep the music playing?”  Indeed, that was always the question.  From the start. We skipped ring around the rosie until we all fell down.  We got up again and sang. London Bridge fell down and we kept singing.  Musical chairs were set up and taken away one by one until the music stopped, but we never believed it would ever really end.  When I started school, Mr. Iverson, the music teacher told us that we all had a song in us.  Could it be true?  He told us to write a...

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