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Let it be me.

I was listening to Michelle Wolf on Youtube yesterday, and oh, she was funny.  That kind of funny that is so close to the truth... so close that it makes you laugh really hard, and then nervously, and then... well you start to think.  She was making a joke, and/or a point about how we are blaming a lot on men these days, especially white men, (and not without reason), but she goes on to say that white women have to admit that they are part of the problem... and she responds for them, "Me????  You can't blame me!!!!???...  I didn't do ANYTHING."  Pause.  "Yes. Exactly." It's so easy to blame everyone else for everything.  "Well, they didn't... they shouldn't...

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The memory of tools

My husband is working to remove the rust on his father’s tools.  Gently with vinegar.  And maybe more than taking away, he is revealing the memories they hold.  I believe they hold.  Most of the things built are long gone.  But the memories are there.  They say we humans have a muscle memory.  I think it transfers to the tools we use. I got a pair of used brushes in Brittany.  They easily became my favorites.  They held on to the paint, and just as easily let it go, like they knew the drill.  It wasn’t their first time.  They had been asked to release the painting again and again.  My hands were familiar, and new.  What a comfort to be...

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