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Let it be me.

I was listening to Michelle Wolf on Youtube yesterday, and oh, she was funny.  That kind of funny that is so close to the truth... so close that it makes you laugh really hard, and then nervously, and then... well you start to think.  She was making a joke, and/or a point about how we are blaming a lot on men these days, especially white men, (and not without reason), but she goes on to say that white women have to admit that they are part of the problem... and she responds for them, "Me????  You can't blame me!!!!???...  I didn't do ANYTHING."  Pause.  "Yes. Exactly." It's so easy to blame everyone else for everything.  "Well, they didn't... they shouldn't...

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September Swim

They laughed a little louder, they cried a little softer, they lived a little stronger, because they stood together...friends. I never remember until September, that summer is actually going to end.  I go out early morning.  The sun is lower, barely making it above the pool house.  It flickers, with promise, and I sit down to open the cover.  It's cooler now, the September morning.  I put two towels around me as the cover spins slowly, revealing the blue, inch by inch.  Is it taking longer to open?  No.  Patience.  But patience is fleeting.  Or is it the time?  Summer, ever since I can remember was fast.  Off the school bus, into the water, back on the school bus.  Still...

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