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It was the best vacation.  I know we say that for every one, but this one was extra special. Every day was extra.  The weather - unseasonably mild. Sun just a little brighter and longer.  In our photos, we smiled, no one had to tell us to, we just did.  These moments were meant to be captured.  This vacation was the essence of travel.  Meeting people.  Listening to their stories.  Laughing - comfortably and uncomfortably --  like when she said, "We call them Yankees..."  Smelling the magnolia.  Tasting, AT the Magnolia, grits for the first time.  Knowing I would make them again at home.  Knowing I would claim them as ours, now OURS, and we would tell and retell the stories...

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Fall in love with your bathroom

  This time of year, back to school, summer fading, I always get a little melancholy.  Like the word itself, the feeling is hard to define.  I rather like it, even the hollowness, because it revives a need inside to begin… begin something, find something, fill that empty space.  And so I clean.  I shake the rugs and vacuum, and wipe the mirrors and light the candles and open the windows, and the sun says, “hang on,” and the breeze says, “look ahead.”  I embrace both and find comfort in the transition.  I find comfort in the here.  I fall in love with my bathroom. I recently put my newest painting in my bathroom.  The blue warms my soul every...

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