About Jodi

We are all here to tell a story

We are all here to tell a story. We bear witness to life.
We love and we get torn apart and we love deeper.
We get lost and then we make a new path. We try, we fall, and we get up again.
We question the same God we cling to . . . and with knees bent, overwhelmed by joy, strengthened by past grief, we give thanks for both.
We weather it all. Together.

These paintings, these words, are my story. From the barn that gave me strength, in the ripped denim jeans that gave me an identity . . . from the lakes of Minnesota, to the streets of Chicago, New York, and now the south of France, I have not finished, but found my story. It grows and changes every day. I try to capture it in colors and letters.

I wrap you in the words of my story, when you are cold. Warmed, you tell someone yours.

We are all here to tell a story.

Jodi studied English Literature and Art at the University of Minnesota. She has exhibited her work throughout the United States and France. Watch the website for future exhibitions and publications of her work.

The pdf below, "and so I made lemonade" tells a brief story of her life, so far, and was the work of her most recent exhibition in Carpentras, France.

and so I made lemonade