Patience (1189)

Patience (1189)


Did I learn it? I’m still learning it... I hope I’m getter better. Patience.

I think that takes a lifetime of lessons. I’m not sure you learn that at 23 and then say, “Oh yeah, I’ve got
it now.” I think you learn patience in pieces. You get knocked down a few times, and not only do you learn a little patience, but you get a little humility thrown in as well. And if you’re lucky, the next lesson gives you a little compassion, a dash of empathy. And maybe you get a little smarter and you try harder and longer, and you earn a little more patience.

And maybe you get really lucky and somebody loves you, and you love them, and you get a little more patience... Because you need it! And maybe you see more of the world, and you see how they see you, and you think, “Oh please be patient with me... Please...”

And you become more forgiving. And because grace, thank goodness, is so incredibly patient, you become a little more kind. And you give thanks, awaiting the next lesson.

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