astonish - (the book)

astonish - (the book)

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Astonishing August Savings!!!  

There are no rules to say that we have to enjoy our lives. No regulations that say we have to accomplish our goals. No patrols to say that we have to act like it matters, that it all matters. 

But then there’s the heart. The heart that says, “But I have to . . . I have to be . . .”

 astonish encourages uto take the ordinary and make it extraordinary—to take this life and make it astonishing.  

astonish includes a bonus workbook to help inspire daily practices for an astonishing life. The activities provide a gentle push to help stir our senses, to open our minds to the possibilities within, and to unleash those unique gifts that make each one of us authentic, original . . .  astonishing.

“This power to astonish, to make us change the way we are seen, to change the way the world is seen — it’s right here. It sits on our tables and in our hearts. A gift just waiting to be opened. A frame just waiting to be filled.”

Paperback with workbook, 96 pages.


Illustrated by Jodi Hills

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