Big Apple
Big Apple
Big Apple

Big Apple

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"With an apple, I will astonish Paris.” Paul Cezanne.

Do your thing — whatever that may be —
that thing that coddles your soul —
lifts your heart — challenges your mind —
makes you human — makes you — you!
Do that — do that every day.
That’s your apple.

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I have adored Jodi’s art and words for years and years. I have purchased her books, art, and cards, and will be an ongoing fan. She has the way to touch one’s heart, and I am delighted to share her work with others.

Gail G.

I love Jodi Hills' creations. She's so artistic and clever! It is so much fun to share with the gals! Great little fun gift/thought.

Cindy R.

I love Jodi's meaning messages in greeting cards and wall hangings. When I have them on hand, I always find the perfect message... Such gifts she possesses that she shares with others. I am grateful for her words and illustrations.

Abby B.

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