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I can’t remember if I told you how proud I am to be your friend. I know we’ve laughed together and cried together...shared time and secrets and rides to places that we didn’t really want to go to - so going together made it easier. We’ve talked about clothes and boys and relationships and families. We’ve yelled about jobs and those crazy people who just don’t understand how cool it is to be like us. We’ve shopped and whispered in code, and have said nothing - knowing exactly what the other meant. Not to be all dramatic...I’m not sick or anything...I just had a happy flash of you in my head, like I do on so many days, and I just wanted to tell you that it’s great to be your friend.

We’ve paired Jodi’s art with elegant and timeless wood frames that will compliment all decors. Each 11”x14” framed piece arrives ready for hanging!

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I have adored Jodi’s art and words for years and years. I have purchased her books, art, and cards, and will be an ongoing fan. She has the way to touch one’s heart, and I am delighted to share her work with others.

Gail G.

I love Jodi Hills' creations. She's so artistic and clever! It is so much fun to share with the gals! Great little fun gift/thought.

Cindy R.

I love Jodi's meaning messages in greeting cards and wall hangings. When I have them on hand, I always find the perfect message... Such gifts she possesses that she shares with others. I am grateful for her words and illustrations.

Abby B.

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