Hello! Bonjour! I'm Jodi.

I am an American artist and author, now living,
loving and creating in the south of France.

I started writing and painting when I was five years old. No matter what I was feeling, I would go into my room and put it down on paper. Saving me from the darkest times, and rejoicing with me in the brightest. So, I guess it's not just what I do. It's who I am! C'est moi!

I won't clutter you with all the usual subjects. There was school, and more school, and moving, and Minneapolis, and Chicago, and New York, and selling, and working, and living as an artist (read my daily blog to catch up on all the details).

I can't tell you which I love more, so I say that I am a painter that writes and a writer that paints. Every day!

Just after a gallery show in Chicago, I accidentally fell in love with a French man. Then I got married on purpose and moved to the south of France. I have become a we and the story continues. I write, I paint — Joie de vivre!