building a soul
building a soul

building a soul

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When I was a kid, I thought I would just figure stuff out, you know, and become something, and that would be it...that would be my life. Thank God that isn’t the way, not for me anyway. I think that I, we, just have to keep becoming. We change and grow. We are molded by love and trips around the sun. It takes a longtime to build a soul. We get older, maybe wiser, (even better, we gain a little grace) but we don’t finish - we don’t have to - we begin, and be, and begin again. I think that’s the gift of living...the joy of being alive!

We’ve paired Jodi’s art with elegant and timeless wood frames that will compliment all decors. Each 11”x14” framed piece arrives ready for hanging!

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I have adored Jodi’s art and words for years and years. I have purchased her books, art, and cards, and will be an ongoing fan. She has the way to touch one’s heart, and I am delighted to share her work with others.

Gail G.

I love Jodi Hills' creations. She's so artistic and clever! It is so much fun to share with the gals! Great little fun gift/thought.

Cindy R.

I love Jodi's meaning messages in greeting cards and wall hangings. When I have them on hand, I always find the perfect message... Such gifts she possesses that she shares with others. I am grateful for her words and illustrations.

Abby B.

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